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Personnel agency "Logist" provides personnel selection, personnel consulting and direct search of the personnel (headhunting). Specializes on stuff selection in directions: logistics, warehousing, transport, customs and also other key employees of Ukrainian logistical market.

To us address when:

1. Independently carrying out of selection of the company personnel is impossible because of absence of an internal resource or time.

In this case the highly skilled provider who will organize all work independently is required, namely:
  • Diagnoses a current situation in the company
  • Describes tasks and duties of the candidate
  • Makes a description of vacancy profile
  • Places it on Internet personnel portals and the mass-media
  • Conducts search on own database of candidates
  • Conducts candidates estimation on the basis of interview
  • Checks up recommendations
  • Presents 3-5 carefully selected candidates on consideration

The given service - classical recruitment and its cost in personnel agency "Logist" makes 15 % from the revenue of the candidate. Payment of services is made after candidate begins to work.

2. In other case representatives of the customer company have conducted independent search at the labour market and have been convinced that corresponding candidates are not present on it now. Those who are necessary to them most likely are very demanded and don’t search for work. It is possible to involve such people only with direct search (headhunting).

Cost of this service makes 20 % from the revenue of the candidate. Payment is made in two stages. After signing the contract the customer brings an advance payment at a rate of 20 % from the sum of the fee. The second part of payment is made after the successful candidate begins to work. Also to be considered an opportunity when the employer wishes to involve the concrete candidate.

How we work:

1. Gathering of information
Having received the order for personnel selection, we analyze vacancy and a level of the offered compensatory package. Besides the analysis of the company and the market on which it works is spent. For more precise understanding of a task we meet heads or representatives of the company for negotiation. During a meeting we find out the company purposes, employee tasks and conditions in which he will carry out the activity. We help the client to make the description of vacancy, to make official duties. Also at this stage the admissibility of this or that search strategy is negotiated with the client.

2. Search of candidates is carried out in several ways:
  • Search on a database of personnel agency "Logist". Our main advantage is a database of candidates. We possess the structured and powerful base of employees which we trace and fill up.
  • Placement of vacancy on a site of agency and others job sites.
  • Search among graduates of educational institutions and business-schools.
  • Cooperation with professional associations, search on Internet-forums.
  • Search based on personal communications and recommendations.

3. Estimation of candidates:
  • Preliminary telephone interviews, elimination under formal requirements.
  • Estimation of professional skills of the candidate.
  • Definition of candidate motivation, a level of the expected salary.
  • Interviewing of candidates (for an estimation of appearance and necessary skills).
  • Analysis of written documents (questionnaires, curriculum vitae, resume, estimated sheets).
  • Gathering of the information on the candidate, responses and recommendations from the previous places of work (for an estimation of formation and operational experience).
  • Professional and psychological testing (takes place if there is a necessity for acknowledgement of the impression made during interview, opinion on professional skills or personal characteristics of the candidate).
  • Informing of the client on a course of order performance.

4. Presentation of candidates:
  • Granting to the client of the information (report) on the selected candidates.
  • Organization of interview to the best candidates.
  • Preparation of the client and candidates to interview.
  • Reception of a feedback from the client and the candidate.

5. Decision-making
  • Help in a choice of the best candidate.
  • Discussion of details of a compensatory package and day starting for work.
  • Intermediary between the client and the accepted employee on any questions.

6. Subsequent support
Scheduled contacts during a test period between the client and the candidate.

Speed of order performance
Process of personnel search till 30 days. For positions of a high level and complexity average duration of search makes from 30 till 60 days. As a rule in 7-10 days after the conclusion of the contract the Customer receives the resume of the first candidates completely meeting declared requirements.

The guarantee on the given kind of services makes 3-6 months depending on a level of a position. In case of dismissal of the candidate during the test period we provide single free-of-charge replacement without an extra fee within 30 days (this point is registered in the contract)

Cost of service
Cost of service makes 15-20 % from the revenue (but not less than 2000 US dollars) the employed candidate. Payment depends on strategy of search (classical recruitment - 15 %, direct search (headhunting) - 20 % of the revenue of the expert). Not only the grant of required candidates is included in the price but also consultation about labour market and wage level in company competitors.

Discounts are given to constant clients.
To the companies which are members of Ukrainian League of Logistics and Warehousing the discount for services of agency - 5 %

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