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The League activities at the moment deal not only with the creation of the effective communication mechanisms for all the players of this market but also the construction of tight interaction with the state bodies. The aim of this interaction is the joined formation of as transparent and mutually beneficial as possible rules of play both for the subjects of international economics activity and a state as a whole.

Also we are actively developing the concept of educational programs aimed at rising the professional qualification of logistic companies personnel and the management of other companies dealing with international economics activity.

The main fields of League activities:

  1. Presentation of logistics potential of Ukraine on the international level.

  3. Higher educational facilities and business centers for logists’ professional training work coordination like: study programs’ standardization, development of a modern training and methodological basis, usage of the leading international experience in highly skilled logistic managers in Ukrainian and leading foreign universities. Propaganda of the European certification procedure for logistics managers according to the three level system – junior, senior and master logist.

  5. Creation of interregional and international integrated logistics, transport and information systems which will be most helpful for the development of Ukrainian part of international transport corridors, rising the volumes of external trade and goods’ forwarding and rising the effectiveness of economic integration of Ukraine with other regions and the international economic society.

  7. Participation in the process of preparation and implementation of the amendments to Laws of Ukraine on logistic services’ certification; developing the legal background and framework documents on standardization and certification of logistics services’ quality (namely the system of standards of logistics services quality) in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of ISO (ISO 9001 standard); developing a system and procedures of companies’ providing logistic services certification; organization of cooperation with ISO in the field of international experience of logistic services’ certification exchange.

  9. Setting up, developing and coordination of contacts with the leading international logistics organizations and communities, namely, ELA, ECBL, СLM, SOLE, etc. Also we are planning to develop this contacts in the following spheres: coordination of study plans and programs and logistics specialists training; certification of the personnel for company logistic management; research in the field of theory and practice of logistics; training seminars in the foreign training centers and site visits to the leading companies conduct; students, trainers and specialists’ exchange; using the leading logistic systems and technologies, etc.

  11. Participation in the process of popularization of logistics in Ukraine through the training system, wide usage of mass media, issuing booklets, forums, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, round tables organization, covering all these events in periodicals, namely “Transportation and Logistics” magazine.

  13. Work on elimination of barriers existing in tax, customs and transport legislation of Ukraine and hinder the effective usage of strategic logistics potential in the economy of our country.

  15. League members support and rights and interests protection in legislative and executive bodies of Ukraine; coordination of work of companies and institutions dealing with research in the fields of designing, setting up and facilitating the functioning of logistics systems; sharing best practices of implementing new logistic developments in Ukraine and abroad.

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